Usama’s Journey from 2020 to 2025

(This has been published as a part of the assignment of Digitaldeepak internship program).

Today, I’ll introduce to one of the best digital marketer in the country. He has started his journey in 2020 into this field after meeting a great expert called Digitaldeepak.

Before that he was in the customer service and sales field where he had spent almost 10 years of his life. Worked with so many MNCs such as WNS, TechM, Capita etc. He was doing good there but always wanted to become his own boss. Tried so many ways to reach that position but unfortunately that was not possible in that filed. So he decided to look for an alternative option which is related to his study background, doesn’t require much of hassles and investment.

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He realized that online business will become boom in years to come due to the technology evaluation. If looking at the current situation, most of the people have the digital devices like smart phones, computers and laptops. Due to this their thought process has got changed, they need everything to get delivered at their doorstep. This thought has helped many companies to go for online business but that requires a proper marketing hence digital marketing plays a vital role here, it means no online business will be successful without the proper digital marketing and it becomes the almost an ancillary industry for that. Which gives the very much hope and confidence to the digital marketers.

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Hence he decided to jump into the digital marketing field and luckily he got an opportunity to meet an expert and we’ll known personal brand called Digitaldeepak, he just joined his very famous internship program without thinking twice even for a single minute and rest is history.

Let’s look at his timeline of achievements.

July 2020: Journey began, joined DD Internship program, managed to achieve 3rd top position out of 1000 students.

2021: Concentrated more on learning the digital marketing hence again joined DD’s Premier course which not only helped him to learn digital marketing at advance level but also to become a good mentor & entrepreneur.

2022: Started working as a freelancer, worked with almost 10 companies to look after their content writing, SEO, SEM, email writing and social media marketing. Helped each companies to increase their sales revenue by 35% and managed to create a genuine email list of 10,000 subscribers.

2023: Published his first book in digital marketing which got a 50,000 readership worldwide, helped him to earn INR 5,00,000/- The book is still trending on Amazon with the 5 star rating.

2024: Started building his own brand as this is the main teaching of Digitaldeepak. He created his own website and started writing blogs right after he joined DD Internship program. But wanted to create a value on people’s life, so the business automatically grows hence he started selling online courses in digital marketing which helped him to earn INR 3,00,000/-

2025: He is proud owner of home based digital marketing agency with 30 people working remotely. He always wanted to have a business which he can run from his home with the family around and luckily that dream has come true. Thanks a lot to his mentor Deepak Kanakaraju.

Thanks for your time to read till the end and now it’s time to conclude this by referring to some of the below inspiring quotes.

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