How to Improve Your Website Performance Without Knowing Much About Its Technicality

Last night, I was having a conversation with one of my clients. The main topic of the discussion was the current Covid situation. We were discussing how the whole world is suddenly stopped to do anything. Everyone is forced to sit at home without having any regular income to fulfill their basic needs. Even big corporations that had a huge income from all around the world. Now, facing problems in even feeding their kids twice a day. This situation has taught us a very good lesson that nothing is permanent hence you need to be an allrounder and multitasker. So that your plan A gets failed, you have a plan B ready. Even if that fails due to some situation, then we can easily move to plan C.

When we reached to discussing for having multiple plans ready. We were thinking about how it can be possible for a business or any profession to have multiple plans at a time? I suggested him to think out of the box and find all the possible ways to do a particular business. During this brainstorming, we realized that going digital can be a secondary and effective solution for any business. We both agreed to this point as we had seen positive results for some companies during the Covid situation. All businesses are closed. Now, people are finding ways to feed their kids twice a day but unfortunately, most of them are failing. It has forced them to rely on other’s support to have daily bread and butter.

But on the other hand, we’ve seen online giants like Flipkart, Amazon, and Grofers were really successful in running their business. We found that they didn’t do anything special but just focused on delivering the products right at the customer’s place. That’s the important thing as whatever happens in the world, the final destination of people to be at is their home. So any business is targeting to deliver to their homes, never going to fail as they won’t need to follow any protocols set during that time. 

By now, we have understood the importance of doing an online business along with your regular offline if you have any. But the main point is how can it be done successfully?

So I started sharing some of the tips. First and foremost, to have our own website, which is kind of our online store. It’s a simple logic, the best customer experience at your store is vital for a successful business. We can easily enhance our physical store to look attractive and beautiful by providing them good infrastructure facilities. But what about an online store? As you won’t get many options here to make it attractive. Hence, I said since the website is an online platform, you need to build one which is very user friendly, fast, and with a great user interface. Agree, but how is it possible to do that?

Here, I gave him the option which is best available in the market. So even would you like to know more about it? If yes, then let me reveal the suspense. It’s called “SHORTPIXEL”

Let’s be ready to deep dive into this now. 

The main focus of this tool is to enhance your website speed and provide a good customer experience as and when they visit. Most of the time, our website works slowly due to heavy images uploaded. So what it does is, reduce the image size without compromising on the overall quality of the image. It also helps to increase your site’s SEO ranking which is very important to stand your website out of the crowd. It loads your pages fast due to which you can get more page views, a great user experience, and a better search ranking. It has its own plugin which you can download to your PC and sit relaxed, as it will take care of the rest on its own.

Features of SHORTPIXEL

  • Less bandwidth usage
  • Quick backups
  • Better search ranking
  • Superfast websites
  • Batch image optimization
  • WordPress plug-in
  • Image quality is preserved
  • Powerful algorithms

He was very happy with this tool as it is going to help him in enhancing his website experience. So even if you feel the same then let’s go for it. I’m sure you’ll not regret your decision.

Please don’t forget to share your experience with me. Look forward to your valuable comments.

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