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Are you looking to learn digital marketing?
Are you facing any issue in finding the best mentor to learn that?
Do you find the “earn while you learn” model exciting?
Are you curious to know about the best digital mentor?
Would you like to learn digital marketing while sitting at your home?
If your answer is Yes to any of the above questions then please read my full review as I’m 100% sure that you will get convinced to take action and find your desired digital marketing mentor.

First, let’s start with an understanding of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is any form of marketing products or services that involves electronic devices. That’s the reason it has been around for decades (because electronics have) and why it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with content marketing, Google ads, social media, or retargeting.

Its development during the 1990s and 2000s changed the way brands and businesses use technology for marketing. As digital platforms became increasingly incorporated into marketing plans and everyday life, and as people increasingly use digital devices instead of visiting physical shops, digital marketing campaigns have become prevalent, employing combinations of search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, data-driven marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, email direct marketing, display advertising, e-books, and optical disks and games have become commonplace. Digital marketing extends to non-Internet channels that provide digital media, such as television, mobile phones (SMS and MMS), callback, and on-hold mobile ringtones. The extension to non-Internet channels differentiates digital marketing from online marketing.

By now we have understood the definition and meaning of digital marketing. Now let’s start with my personal experience.

I graduated in business management with a specialty in marketing. I’ve overall experience of 10 plus years in sales and customer service. I always wanted to look for something which is a combination of technology and my marketing skills. I attended one of the webinars on “Career in information Technology”. Speaker had mentioned that “Digital Marketing” is a good option for commerce background people if they want to utilize their skills using information technology.

Then I decided that I should learn digital marketing as I already had the basic knowledge of marketing. I knew that the concept of marketing will remain as it is. It’s just the channels for doing marketing that would get changed.

I was searching for an option that doesn’t require me to quit my current job. One day, I received an email that stated that you can do an internship in digital marketing and get paid. I don’t know how he got my email address but I assume it might be via any lead generation tool. I ignored that email without even thinking for a minute as everybody does that if they are not aware of the reality. But after some days I received an email again to join the next batch. This time I couldn’t stop myself and I started researching more on this. I checked on Google, and all social media platforms. To be honest, I find this person has a common profile everywhere which clearly states that he is a genuine professional. I read some of the reviews and visited his own website. Till now, I was getting convinced to apply but still, I was not that confident. I again went ahead and checked his page on Facebook by the name of “Learn Digital Marketing” and it has got so many subscribers. It really helped me to make my decision as there were so many reviews shared and people used to talk more about this brand.

In the end, I filled the form with my details. And I got a revert after some days stating that your application is approved and let’s wait for the launch webinar. I was curious about what would be there in that launch webinar? It was scheduled for 3rd July 2020, I attended that and it was almost for 2 hours. I was shocked when he said that there are 3000 people live in this webinar as I never heard about any webinar with more than 100 people attending.

I’ll share how the webinar experience was and whether it was capable enough to convince me to take action.

Let me clarify when I say he, it means I’m referring to the great digital marketing mentor who is known as “Digital Deepak”.

He started the webinar with enthusiasm and confidence, he greeted and thanked every participant. His approach was so straightforward and transparent in explaining things. He said you need to pay a security deposit to join this internship program but he also promised to learn digital marketing in a practical way and get your money back in the form of submitting the assignments on each topic that we learn every week. This is something triggered to me: how can someone pay your fees back? When you learn something from him. My mind started thinking of all possible negative ways to find out whether it’s a reality or just a scam.

So I gathered the courage and asked this question, what’s your benefit if you return the money? He said it’s his own way of teaching, which you can’t find in this world. I was certainly not convinced until he said he has his own company to back up to pay back. I made my decision to pay the deposit on that webinar itself, I got a reply about the payment and internship confirmation with the date of commencement. The internship started on time as promised.

Now, I’ll share the experience after I joined the Digital Deepak internship program.

A Journey From No One To Someone

9 weeks of the learning experience in Digital Marketing and Still, there is a lot to learn from this digital community as it is a never-ending journey.

Week 1: Success Mindset.

The success mindset week has helped a lot in order to get me out from my negative to a positive state of mind. You can work towards your goal, only if you have a success mindset. In today’s world, having a success mindset is important. It allows you the flexibility to see the different possibilities and steps needed to get the job done. Whether it’s in sports, business, academia, or entertainment; Individuals with a success mindset always seem to figure out how to make things happen, despite seemingly impossible odds. Some real-world examples of people with a success mindset are those with difficult upbringings who have gone on to make amazing things out of themselves.  We’ve seen leaders who’ve managed to fight unbelievable circumstances and secure success. They’ve all had the same commonality, a thought process or belief system called the success mindset.

Week 2: Article Writing and understanding of marketing fundamentals

I never believed that I too can write long articles on a particular topic. It helped me to think beyond my limits and be able to express it in the form of articles. I also learned about the Fundamentals of marketing: For all its complexity, at its core, marketing revolves around four things: product, price, promotion, and place. Tactics and channels change, but these are the concepts everything else revolves around, and they’re principles that never change. Some models expand these basic principles to 7 P’s, or another variation.

Week 3: Niche Selection

The process of Niche selection took me to my childhood hobbies, my passion, my liking to select the right path for my future journey. It helped me to find out my goal and aim in my life. Here is what I learned about niche selection: A niche is the area of expertise in which you will specialize. This guides the type of products you will focus on, partnerships you will accept, content you will produce, and customers you will try to attract. Most online businesses choose a broad niche, then focus on something even more specialized within it.

Week 4: Blog/ Website Building.

As I am from a commerce background, so I was in the myth that there is no correlation between a commerce graduate with technical stuff. This 4th week cleared my myth, as education is only about certificates. What really matters is the practical knowledge & experience and how deeply you are involved in it. I thought creating a website was a very difficult task but it became very easy when I attended this week. Digital Deepak and his team have shown me the path from beginning to end. Now I’ve my own website running and I’ve published a couple of blogs. You all can visit my website to experience the change in me. 

Week 5: Becoming the king of content

This week helped me to understand that it’s not just about writing good and attractive content but it’s all about how you market it hence we call it content marketing. It also taught me about having good personal branding as people love to hear from people and not from a company or logo. We should have a good social media presence, and understand the different types of content that are required to fit in your funnel.

Week 6: Social Media & Networking Mastery.

This week really surprised me, as Digital Deepak had asked me not to survive on social media for your business advertisement instead you should have your own social media community. The reason behind this is that if you advertise on social media like Facebook, Google, etc. The audience belongs to these companies and not to you. Hence you don’t have any power to manage that. There are possibilities that you lose contact with your audience if these companies block your account and change their algorithm for any XYZ reasons. Considering all these hassles, Digital Deepak suggested having our own audience, he showed the ways also to get this done. The best example is to create your own tribe, Whatsapp, and Telegram group. 

Week 7: Lead Generation and email marketing

I was always thinking that how is it possible to get so many email addresses to generate leads for your business but I attended this week and realized it’s very simple and at a click away. You just need to use some of the tools available to get these email addresses and shoot your email. This was an awesome experience, I generated so many B2B and B2C leads. 

Week 8: Mastering Facebook Ads

It was very easy to build my own Facebook page on which I can run paid advertisements, created a couple of campaigns such as traffic, conversion, etc. Achieved 286 Reach and 289 Impressions by just spending INR 50. I learned that Facebook ads are a very cheap mode of advertisement and at the same time it’s very important to use this channel as one of your paid advertisement tools.

Week 9: Mastering Google Ads

This week, I’ve understood how Google ads work. I used to think it’s not my cup of tea to run ads on Google. I’ve learned there are 4 different types of campaigns that we can run on Google. They are Search, display, video, and smart. Each has its uniqueness and benefits. Google Ads allows you to take advantage of the benefits of online advertising: show your ads to the right people, in the right place, and at the right time.

I’ve completed 9 weeks of the program till now, 3 more to get completed with 3 bonus weeks. Looking forward to getting a learning experience as till now.

Till now I’ve mentioned my experience before and after I joined the Digital Deepak internship program. Now, I’ll share my own thoughts to describe the pros and cons of this program. Before I start with this, we should understand who Digitaldeepak is as it’s a human tendency that we won’t believe in anything unless and until we’re not aware of the personality.

So here is a small introduction about him.

Hi is on the mission of developing 1 million digital marketers in India. Hence he has started this open platform where everyone can learn without fear of any barriers and investing much money. Till now he has completed 7 batches. A total of 7000 (Approx) interns have graduated from the Digital Deepak digital marketing program. Many of them started their digital freelancer career, started their own digital marketing agency, become a social media influencer and YouTubers. You can visit his website to read the testimonials, interviews, and reviews of such interns, I’ll give his website link at the end of this article.

The most motivating factor for me is, one of the interns got a digital marketing job abroad with a handsome salary. 

Here is more about Digital Deepak: He writes about digital marketing. He is also a columnist at Entrepreneur.com and YourStory. His first startup was an online motorcycle publication called BikeAdvice, which eventually became the No.1 motorcycle blog in India with 1,00,000+ followers and 1 Million+ page views per month. DigitalDeepak.com is now ranked as one of the 10 digital marketing blogs in India and it has become a well-known brand. It started as a personal blog where he used to write notes on digital marketing for his future reference. He has also launched a free digital marketing course to help people learn digital marketing. 

Please visit his personal blog to know about him in detail.

By now, we understood who Digital Deepak is and now it’s time to actually understand his internship program.

What is Digital Deepak’s Internship Program?

Let me tell you that this is not a course, but an internship program. So if you are looking for a course, this is not for you. But, if you are passionate about digital marketing and want to learn it practically then this is something that you must explore as an option. The digital marketing internship program covers all the basic aspects of digital marketing. So even if you are completely new, you do not have to worry. You will learn about digital marketing concepts in detail, various marketing tools, and the best part is the fact that you will learn it by doing.

Yes, the program is for DOERS.

It is a paid internship. It means you need to pay a fee in order to be a part of this internship. But, you get your money back when you complete the tasks given by Deepak. Also, there are weekly live sessions with Deepak Kankaraju that will help you in this entire program. On completing the internship program, you will get a certificate from Digital Deepak.

This was a brief about the Digital Deepak Internship Program.

Finally, let’s jump to the pros and cons of this internship program.


  • You get paid if you complete the assignments
  • Learn each topic in a practical way
  • Get proper support from his team
  • He has got a massive community around to help you with each query that you may have.
  • Get a certificate to showcase your skills


  • Some of the weeks may get extended due to which you might not be able to complete this program within the promised time. But to be honest, it has improved a lot after the feedback received from many of the interns.
  • Sometimes your payment gets failed but it’s just due to the system issue but be assured, you get your money back.

By now, hope I’ve convinced you to take some action. If you feel so then quickly click here and sign up for a launch webinar. Also, don’t forget to mention your comments below.

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